Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday - John Green

Happy Tuesday lit lovers.
Today will be the first installment of another weekly feature I like to call Tattoo Tuesday.  Each week we will spot light one author or book in particular along with some kick ass tattoo works that we find.

Seeing as this site is co-run by my kitten Alaska, I figured it was appropriate to make the first post a John Green special.  Known best for his books Looking for Alaska (she's right here next to me, chewing on her feet) and his latest work The Fault in Our Stars,  Green really knows how to tug at the heartstrings with his YA novels.  His books aren't just for the teens though, TFIOS will be a feature movie I believe coming out in fall, so make sure you hurry up and get a copy so you can tell all your friends you 'read it before it was big'.

With out further ado, here are some of the cooler John Green inspired tattoos out there. 

"and she was a hurricane"

The full quote is - “if rain were people i was a drizzle and she was a hurricane” from “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. My best friend Steph and I got blue leaves from the play “The House of Blue Leaves” by John Guare. We have loved that play since we were in it together back in high school.

Found on The Word Made Flesh

Nice one kids. If you were to get a John Green inspired tattoo what would it be?

Also, if you have a literary tattoo you would like featured, please check the about me or Tattoo Tuesday pages for submission details. Looking forward to seeing your ink!

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